Product Details

Dimensions: H 16 x D 25 cm (short), H 31 x D 23 cm (tall)
Made in: San Marcos Tlapazola, Oaxaca, Mexico
Designer: Colectivo 1050º
Artisans Community: San Marcos Tlapazola

About The Designer

Designers Kythzia Barrera and Diego Mier y Terán set up a non-profit organisation called Innovando la Tradición and created COLECTIVO 1050º, as the retail side of the project offering a group of distinctive clay objects.
Run as cooperative COLECTIVO 1050º promotes a fair and sustainable model that represents more than 50 potters in six different communities in the region of Oaxaca. Each object is created collectively and merge the wisdom of tradition with the dynamism of innovation under the motto ‘Together, we turn mud into beauty’.
Each beautiful object selected for our collection bring the magic of fire, earth and water to your home and it’s a treasure to cherish.

About The Technique

The distinctively red-coloured ceramic of Tlapazola is made with clay sourced from the nearby mountains. It can take generally six days to transform the clay into a finished vessel. The process is labour-intensive from mixing the clay with water and sand, to hand-building each piece, to firing them in an open kiln. Only few simple handmade tools are used in the process and no wheel is used to throw the clay. After the vessels are set in place in the open space kiln, the quick firing process starts reaching temperatures between 540˚ to 700˚ for about one hour.

Important note: every product sold by Revolution of Forms is handmade. Slight variations in shape, colours and size can occur. This is the beauty of handmade, each object is truly unique. Our photos are representative of the product, but the piece you receive might vary slightly. Please remember to read carefully our care instructions page for advise on how to care for this product.