By Studio Xaquixe

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Nature is the main inspiration for each design at Studio Xaquixe. This charming set of glasses is gorgeous addition to any refined home. Traditional craftsmanship is paired with contemporary innovation to create a beautiful and sustainable product.  Add some colour to your table with this beautifully crafted set.  *Asymmetrical shapes and air inclusions are typical of the handmade process.

Product Details

Dimensions: H 12 cm
Material: recycled glass
Made in: Oaxaca, Mexico
Designer: Studio Xaquixe
Artisans: Ramón Ortigoza and Moises Martinez 

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About The Designer

Studio Xaquixe is a glass workshop founded in 2002 by Salime Harp Cruces and Christian Thornton with the main concern of making glass blowing a sustainable and environmentally friendly project. Set on the hills of Oaxaca and made up by a small group of master-blowers, the glass studio adopts a sustainable mindset, which goes beyond recycling glass to create new pieces and covers every aspect and process involved in running the operation. Their holistic approach is based on innovation and an incredible ability to incorporate eco-friendly solutions for local problems. This includes implementing a system for collection and recycling of glass from local restaurants and hotels, to designing energy-efficient kilns using waste created by other local industries as biofuel. The end results are beautiful and colourful glass pieces inspired by nature and with a real social impact on the community and the environment.

About The Technique

Once the glass collected from local businesses is cleaned and fused, the master glassblowers start the magical process of transforming a formless blob of molten glass into a beautiful object. Using traditional glassmaking techniques, each piece is mouth-blown using a blowing pipe and finished carefully. Each piece has to pass a strict quality control process until is ready to be sold.

Important note: every product sold by Revolution of Forms is handmade. Slight variations in shape, colours and size can occur. This is the beauty of handmade, each object is truly unique. Our photos are representative of the product, but the piece you receive might vary slightly. Please remember to read carefully our care instructions page for advise on how to care for this product.