About Revolution of Forms


Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful”. 

William Morris


REVOLUTION OF FORMS offers a carefully curated selection of homeware combining craftsmanship with contemporary aesthetic.

Specialising in modern, Mexican crafts, Revolution of Forms sources handmade objects, produced from natural or recycled materials, and made with traditional techniques that don’t harm the environment or the people creating them.

Collaborating with designers who work with artisans all over Mexico, the brand is guided by a desire to support the ancient craft traditions that are at risk of vanishing, whilst promoting innovation and modern taste.

Revolution of Forms is built on two fundamental values: conscious sourcing and transparency. 

Thank you for being part of this journey with us.

Conscious Sourcing

We source objects handmade by artisans using natural or recycled material and made with traditional techniques that don’t harm the environment or the people creating them.

In a world suffocated by endless quantities of disposable objects, we provide an alternative platform where you can find treasures for your home to cherish and love, but also learn about and support the work of artisans and contemporary designers.

Provenance and Transparency

By telling the story behind these objects we promote a meaningful and deeper connection with the pieces you decide to live with.

We think of you as a collector, not a consumer. We believe as a collector you should have full access to provenance and supply chain information. That’s why we highly value transparency and believe it is our responsibility to provide this information for you.

We personally visit the designers we collaborate with and we authenticate the provenance information by implementing a number of key technologies that radically improve transparency and traceability – to provide full provenance details at the click of a button.