Product Details

Dimensions: 35 x 55 cm 
Material: 100% wool
Made in: Teotitlán del Valle, Oaxaca, Mexico
Designer: Arudeko
Artisans: Martínez Family

About The Designer

ARUDEKO is a textile brand founded by Nailea and Denisse Arnaiz in 2016. Both with a degree in textile design and passion for Mexican craft, these talented sisters create stunning pieces inspired by architecture and their surroundings in collaboration with highly skilled artisans in Oaxaca. The brand is focused on supporting and preserving the knowledge and techniques developed by artisans’ families through generations. Each piece is the result of a creative exchange between the designers and crafts families and it’s based on mutual respect and collaboration. All in natural materials and natural dyes, discover the beautiful rugs, cushions and wall-textile featured in our first collection.

About The Technique

The Martínez Family has been weaving in the village Teotitlán del Valle for generations. The whole family is involved in the process of creating a single piece, from small cushions to large rugs. Each piece is a labour of love, from locally sourcing the wool, to make the natural materials used for the dye ready, to hand-spinning the wool to finally prepare the pedal loom, which in itself can take weeks depending on the complexity of the design.

Important note: every product sold by Revolution of Forms is handmade. Slight variations in shape, colours and size can occur. This is the beauty of handmade, each object is truly unique. Our photos are representative of the product, but the piece you receive might vary slightly. Please remember to read carefully our care instructions page for advise on how to care for this product.