Product Details

Dimensions: 60 x 60 cm 
Material: 100% cotton
Made in: Aldama, Chiapas, Mexico
Designer: Colorindio
Artisans: Susana Mendez

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About The Designer

COLORINDIO was founded in 2009 by Pola Parlange and Libia Moreno with a mission to weave stories of ancient cultures through fabric.
Guided by fair-trade principles, they started a collaboration with weavers’ communities in Chiapas, based on cooperation, friendship and values of equity and balance, providing a steady income for more than 150 women.
Each cushion cover, throw or placemats featuring in our collection is born out of this relationship and it’s an expression of weaving traditions and the rich cultural diversity of Mexico.

About The Technique

Woven on a backstrap loom, a technique in use in Mexico for four thousand years. It’s a relatively simple device, compare to the traditional pedal loom, however the process of setting up is equally lengthy and complex. When the loom is set up the bar furthest from the weaver is tied to a tree or post the other is attached by a strap to the weaver who controls the tension with her body. Because of the particular setting, this technique can be used to weave long, but narrow fabric. Generally larger pedal looms are operated by men, whilst backstrap looms are used only by women.

Important note: every product sold by Revolution of Forms is handmade. Slight variations in shape, colours and size can occur. This is the beauty of handmade, each object is truly unique. Our photos are representative of the product, but the piece you receive might vary slightly. Please remember to read carefully our care instructions page for advise on how to care for this product.