Woman Arms Vase - 03


Product Details

Dimensions: H 43 x W 20 cm 
Material: Ceramic
Made in: Azompa, Oaxaca, Mexico
Designer: Rrrres

About The Designer

Rrres is a designed studio founded by Javier Reyes, from the Dominican Republic, and based in Oaxaca, Mexico. ⁠ ⁠The motto of the brand is that rrres means nothing. It means more than a brand, it's the result of a collective effort between people, places, and culture.⁠ Their work is focused mainly on the traditional techniques available in this region carried out by the different indigenous cultures established there since Mesoamerica (Zapotec, Mixtecs, and Mixe). Working closely with Leticia Alarzón and Leopoldo Porrasan, who have dedicated their lives to pottery for more than 37 years, each piece celebrates the pure state of the materials and the pre-Hispanic techniques and traditions, which consisted of colours, textures, and finishes provided by the natural clay itself.⁠

About The Technique

Azompa is the second largest pottery village in Oaxaca, producing pottery for at least two thousand years. The locally sourced clay is coil-built into shape, the typically a red slip and burnish is used, the pieces are glazed inside and simply burnished outside.

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