Telling the Stories
Every Object

Revolution of Forms is a curatorial platform for crafted objects combining responsible sourcing and contemporary aesthetic.

Specialising in contemporary Mexican Design & Crafts, Revolution of Forms can assist you to source handmade objects, produced from natural or recycled materials, and made with traditional craft techniques at risk of vanishing.

From handwoven textiles handmade in Chiapas to black pottery from Oaxaca, discover the stories of artisans and objects behind our carefully curated collection.

Commission Unique Objects
with a Conscience

Whether you are a collector looking for a unique piece , or an interior decorator or designer looking to customised a piece from our current collection to fit an individual’s requirements, we are here to assist.  

With an extensive network of talented designers and artisans, we offer to source pieces for specific projects, beyond our current collection and commission unique works for limited editions and private collections.

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