Telling the Stories Behind Every Object

Revolution of Forms presents a curated selection of responsibly sourced homeware

From handwoven textiles made in Chiapas to black pottery from Oaxaca, discover the stories of artisans and techniques behind our first capsule collection sourced entirely in Mexico


Finding simple ways to combine a conscious lifestyle and a passion for design should be easy

We believe in collecting fewer, better objects that express our values, without compromising on style

Finding information about how and who made the objects we buy should also be easy

This is why we provide the full benefits of provenance and supply-chain transparency in one click


We are passionate about ethical and sustainable design

Home is a precious space and we should consider living with meaningful objects created ethically and responsibly

Revolution of Forms offers a carefully curated selection of homeware, which combine craftsmanship and sustainable style


Revolution of Forms is committed to the work of artisans

We believe every handmade object represents a potential social connection

Telling the stories behind every object is essential to nurture this connection

By providing provenance and transparency we want to protect authenticity and give credit to the makers

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